Eurocopter EC145 for sale

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Eurocopter EC145 Helicopter For Sale.

The Eurocopter EC145 helicopter has become one of the most successful helicopters to provide air support in the luxury yachting industry.

M-ONDE is a Eurocopter EC145 helicopter registered on the Isle of Man registry.  Its serial number is 9052. It was first registered in 2004 to the current owner and has been operated by the same pilot / engineering / management team ever since. The helicopter has flown close to 1100 hours

The helicopter is based and may be viewed in the South of France and on the owner’s yachts. It will cruise at 130 Knots and has good single engine performance.

The helicopter has been maintained by MBH Technic in Annemasse, France, and is enrolled on Eurocopter’s Power by the Hour and Turbomeca’s Service by the Hour programmes.

The cockpit area comprises Eurocopter’s excellent “Avionique Nouvelle” next-generation glass cockpit utilising four large EFIS screens all fully configured for either single pilot or dual pilot IFR operations.

In addition to all the standard avionics you would expect, this aircraft is also equipped with: Dual GNS Garmin 430 GPS/Nav/Com systems, a marine band radio, a Traffic/Collision Avoidance System, a Mode S transponder, an Emergency Locator Transmitter and a Radar-altimeter.

The passenger cabin area is upholstered in light colours. Seating comprises eight individually removable seats in three rows; the rear two rows face forward the forward row facing back. 3-2-3.

The helicopter is air conditioned and has floats for enhanced over water operations. The comfort of the cabin environment  is further enhanced by the BOSE noise canceling headsets.

The EC145 is a great support helicopter moving both passengers and cargo efficiently and quickly. It has become an indispensable resource for a modern global cruising super yacht.

The helicopter is offered for sale in the south of France.

Please contact me through this website for full pricing details and technical specifications.



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