Hero Image for article "Shipping a Helicopter Part I" - left: aerial view of Galveston port, middle: H145 blade removal with fork lift, right: front view of H145 on dolly to be shipping with covers on.

Shipping a Helicopter : Part 1

You’ve just delivered a new helicopter in the US. But you need it in Europe. How will you go about shipping

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Nigel Watson is a VIP Helicopter Operator and an Expert Consultant
with over 30 years experience in the helicopter and luxury yachting industries.

He is the founder of 5 professional organisations:
Nigel Watson Limited, Luviair Limited, Heli Riviera, Yellow Helicopters (Luviair UK Limited), and EDET.
He is also involved with a number of both local and international charity projects,
including his own charity Manx Youth Opportunities.

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